Sunday, 27 July 2014

Zeus For Windows v3.97t

[Image: zeusicon.png]
Zeus is a fast and lean, fully scriptable, keyboard centric editor packed full of programmer specific features making it one of the best programmer's editor available.

Some of the major features include:
  • Project/Workspace management
  • Syntax highlighting for C#, C/C++, Clipper, COBOL, D, Fortran, Go, HTML, Java, Pascal, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL etc
  • Easily configured to support any other programming language
  • Integrated class browser,
    code completion,
    code folding and code navigation.
  • Column mode cut, copy and paste.
  • Keyboard macro record and playback with the recorded macro being editable and re-runable.
  • Fully scriptable using the Lua, Python, Java Script, Object REXX, Ruby Script, VB Script or TCL languages
  • Full MSDN integration allows for fast keyword searching
  • Seamless FTP file editing includes support for SSH, SSL/TLS secure FTP protocols
  • Brief, WordStar, Epsilon and Emacs keyboard emulation
  • Seamless Subversion integration allows SVN commands to be run from within the IDE
  • Read what other users have to say about Zeus
  • ...and much more
Changes in v3.97t:
  • General editing speed improvements
  • New multi-cursor, column editing feature
  • Improvements to the tool configuration feature
  • Added Squirrel Language document type
  • New Zeus Squirrel scripting module (i.e. write Zeus macros using Squirrel)
  • Updated ctags database for the Go 1.3 release
  • Updated gofmt and goimports for the Go 1.3 release
  • New xmllint utility to lint, format and validate XML files
  • Updated XML Document Type to use the xmllint utility
  • New option to quickly add a file extension to a document type
  • New option to dock the navigator panel to the left or right of the frame

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