Saturday, 15 December 2012

Deep Freeze Standard

Deep Freeze Standard is software that is effective against anything recorded on the hard drive, DeepFreeze (DF) is a public computer room much preferred. Deep Freeze solution that offers a freeze all applications and operating systems, set mode to preserve all the configuration, system files. It was evaluated as a protection plan for the immediate, simple but effective. Building on the foundation of the power of Deep Freeze Standard, the application provides centralized deployment and flexible options to be strengthened to manage custom large computing environments.

Control and security

        * Encrypt the Configuration Administrator with a unique security code and customize
        * The use of passwords available on a workstation or via the command line to control the activation and expiration dates vary
        * Create a password or encryption once a day
        * Lock the keyboard and mouse during maintenance

The options set

        * Create customized installation files via the Administrator account configuration
        * The first hard freeze and choose the option of freezing or fixed drive unlock
        * Schedule auto reboot / shutdown
        * Schedule shutdown after a period of system inactivity
        * Schedule a maintenance period open to proceed with the Windows updates or run a file. Bat upgrade option to list nah65n virus through the network connection or server via SUS / WSUS.

Flexible options

        * Create a virtual partition on a workstation can be used to store programs, save files, or change the fixed
        * Assign storage and file system by removing the tape (up to 100GB in NTFS)
        * Fixed the background / out of the Deep Freeze icon in the system tray with Stealth Mode
        * Manage Deep Freeze installation with remote control command Enterprise Console 
        * User Workstation Seed for installation and client contacts
        * Create customized installation files via the Administrator account configuration
        * Change maintenance and restart / shutdown again directly
        * Turn on workstations using Wake-on-technology LAN
        * Manage workstations easily with User Defined Groups
        * Quickly populate groups with smart automatic filters
        * To upgrade the existing installation files automatically Network expansion options 
        * Communicate with workstations over a LAN, WAN or both
        * Set a custom port number for use with Enterprise Console
        * Create Remote and Multiple Consoles with the service management server of the Deep Freeze

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